A Couple Things

I wanted to thank y’all for the movie recommends– I appreciate them. Also, since I hinted in a previous post that I was only looking for PG movies, I feel I ought to mention that ‘Beyond Borders’ is actually ‘R’ (for language and violence). We made an exception to our ‘no-R’ rule to see it, and are glad we did. But I didn’t want anyone to get it home thinking it was a good whole-family flick. Finally, I will write more about the movie soon. Hubby and I have been having great conversations about it all day.


  1. So is the no-R rule for the kids or for the parents, too? Just curious. So many movies are rated R these days that I'm almost surprised when I hear about one that's not. It's a shame, really, because some movies would be good for families if only one or two scenes were deleted.

  2. Well, it is more a GOAL than a rule for hubby and me. We just end up feeling in general that the negative stuff in R movies outweighs the positive in most cases… and honestly, we watch movies rarely enough that USUALLY we can come up with some we haven't seen that is PG.

  3. we have just purchased the original pink panther movies from amazon… they are rated pg… they are just so goofy and funny and fun to watch with the kids…

    your family is just gorgeous… the smile on your baby's face is absolutely killer!

  4. We don't watch R-rated movies, either. In fact, we haven't for probably 10 years. Our kids are only allowed to watch PG (although they have seen Harry Potter 4 and LOTR 1). I agree Mary that the negative outweighs the good.