Kids These Days

So my 3 teenagers are headed off to Snow Camp this weekend. This morning before my hubby dropped them off at church, he and I went over the usual parental checklist.

“Extra gloves?”
“Sleeping bag?”

After about 10 questions along those lines from each parent addressed to each child, impatience is growing and eyes are darting ever-more-frequently toward the clock. (Isn’t it time to leave yet?) It never seems to occur to the poor abused creatures that the parental goal is not insanity-making– it is to ascertain that the child will actually remain functional, comfortable, and non-frostbitten the whole weekend.

After issues of warmth and basic hygiene are addressed, then comes the topic of communication in case of emergency. We discuss the virtues of giving them hubby’s phone.

17 year old chimes in, “(Newlywed counselor) has a cell phone.” She writes down the number for us.

15 yr old chimes in, “(Dad-of-three counselor) has a cell phone.” No number is forthcoming, but we feel confident that this experienced dad will call us if needed.

14 year old remembers that the children of Dad-of-three also have a cell phone. (They are 12 and 14).

17 year old remembers that an 18 year old in the group also owns a cell phone. And so does 18 year old’s boyfriend. Oh, and another 12 year old got one for Christmas.

Within a moment we have ascertained that there are for sure 7 cell phones in this group of 13 people. Possibly more, since some of the 13 are friends of church kids and we are as yet unaware of their cell phone status. Hubby and I decide we can safely keep both our own cell phones home.

Final line of parental questioning: food. 15 yr old made some to-die-for chocolate-chocolate chip cookies to bring along (I will share the recipe soon) So I know they are supplied with one staple of life– chocolate. Oldest daughter reassures me that newlywed counselor has done all the grocery shopping for this event and there will be lots of food.

“But” she says, “last time he forgot to bring any fruit.”

No fruit for three days? I am aghast. And delighted. I do still have a purpose in life. Finally there’s something I can supply to improve the quality of their weekend.

I send a 10 pound bag of oranges.


  1. I will try out the 13 Thursday. Does it always have to do with our spouse??

  2. No, you can make a list out of whatever you want. Thanks for visiting!

  3. That is awesome! Hee, hee. What a great story–I can so see them showing up with a big bag of oranges…:)


  4. Have a peaceful weekend and try not to worry. Your family picture was awesome on your blog. Great looking family.