Washboard Abs

Was thinking of going for a walk today. Looked out the window– it’s snowing. Scratch that idea. Decided to do a few sit-up as at least a token nod at the idea of fitness.

One… Two… (baby is already coming my way to investigate this unusual activity)..

Three… Four… (baby is now lying in my chest peering into my eyes to make sure I’m still the same sedentary momma she knows and loves) I was ready for a break anyway, so I cuddle her for a few seconds. She loses interest and wanders off.

I fire off 6 more quick ones, in rhythm with my 7 year old’s voice repeatedly asking, “Mommy, what are you doing? Mommy, what are you doing?”

Pleased I’ve gotten 10 whole situps done, I answer him, then do 5 more just for good measure. Since my stomach muscles are already quivering, I accomplish these last 5 while swinging my arms vigorously to increase my upward momentum. But I count ’em anyway.

Pitiful, ain’t I?


  1. pitiful? no. you've survived a poop bath and done sit ups, you are SuperMom, Mary!

  2. Ha! That totally sounds like how it is at my house with doing my pathetic 15 situps a day (baby steps, right?)!

  3. Hey, that's 15 more situps than I did today. ;^) My day ain't over yet, though…