Thursday 13- My Hubby

Thirteen Things about MY WONDERFUL HUBBY

1. We met in precalculus class during our senior year of high school.
2. Got engaged during our freshman year of college.
3. He proposed to me in a parking lot parked near a dumpster. I said yes anyway. (Actually I only noticed the dumpster later.)
4. We got married at the ripe old age of 19. Both got through college anyway.
5. He’s a stubborn first-born, just like me, but we get along great anyway. Mostly.
6. He is a real cutie-pie.

7. He’s a hard-workin’, honorable guy and he spoils me rotten.
8. He has a great sense of humor.
9. He plants 100 tomato plants in the garden every year. Yep. 100. That’s the real reason we have 8 kids. To eat the tomatoes.
10. He’s currently building me a bookshelf/desk for my hallway.
11. He likes almost everything I cook him– unless it’s fish served on Friday.
12. One Christmas, he gave me my heart’s desire. (totally making up for the dumpster thing.)
13. He has let me travel the world to get our babies, AND he loves them every bit as much as I do!

Love ya, sweetie!


  1. What a sweet list! I am such a romantic at heart. Sounds like you got yourself one fine hubby!

    Happy TT!

  2. Cool list. It's the second partner post I've read this Thursday:-) He sounds like a keeper for sure.

    My 13 are up

  3. Your husband sounds like a real keeper. LOL at the 100 tomato plant comment 🙂

    My TT

  4. And tomatoes are so good for us! Great list, and such a special family. Thanks for such a perky post.

    Mine's up.

  5. Aw! How sweet! 🙂 Sounds like a great guy!

    Thanks for visiting me!

  6. What a wonderful list– if he doesn't read, print it out and giv ehim for V-day! Love the picture!! Mine are up here

  7. What a wonderful list. What a wonderful way to grow a family.

    Thanks for posting my link and for coming to visit.

  8. how sweet…and yes, babies batting at the keyboard are special too. Except then I always think I really should be playing with them, instead. Mine's rubbing on her big brother's head right now (he's 2).

  9. I'm seeing a common thread here – great things about the men in our lives. I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for sharing your hubby with us.

    Mine are up.

  10. Wow, I'm glad I found your blog. I can't wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and read it all, but right now, I'm off to work! In the meantime, here's my list:

  11. Aw, what a sweet list! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to go link you up!

  12. Ooh, I loved reading this, and cried all the way through the page explaining how your husband came around to the idea. What a blessing of a daddy he surely is!

  13. If only you'd known me, you wouldn't need all those kids — I'd eat all those tomatoes! 🙂 My 13 are up!

  14. Beautiful picture.

    my 13 is up at

  15. You inspired me, and mine are up at my site, although I have no idea how to add a link within a comment like everyone else did. For that matter, I couldn't figure out how to use the code either… gee, who's the new blogger? Oh yeah, that'd be me! off to visit some of the others!

  16. what a great list – and the tear producing thumb print story. I'm so glad it linked to your other blog. Can't wait to check it out!

  17. awww very sweet list.

    new to your blog….I thought I was juggling too much with my 5 kids.
    our youngest is adopted as well, from Russia by way of the American hospital and NICU where he made his entrance 16 weeks early into my hands and my heart.
    oh, my list is up.

  18. I love your extremely romantic TT (and your family is gorgeous)

    this is my first TT

  19. What a wonderful list!

  20. I missed this list the first time around, but I found it at Barb's link page. Cute! We planted about 48 tomato plants this year, and I thought we were crazy!

  21. I had a feeling your story would be something like this. Just had a feeling you got married when you were both young. I've always gotten a strong sense that you two are totally in sync with each other.

    The dumpster part is a little funny. Nice that you didn't even notice until later. And if he ever starts planting, say, 200 tomato plants, um, run? Nah. You're both so great with eight, you'd be even better with sixteen.

  22. That is such a sweet tribute to your hubby. He sounds like a great guy, and I love hearing stories about couples that managed to marry young but still stay married, and happily, to boot!

    We definately did not get married young, but I still love hearing the success stories.

    I followed the link to your touching story of the Christmas gift…so beautifully written from you heart. Thank you for sharing this.

    (I wrote my personal love story late this morning also…)

  23. That was a wonderful Christmas gift. I was ready to adopt for years before my husband was. The feeling when they climb on board is wonderful.

  24. Mary, this is a gorgeous list about your man! My favorite is #9…

    God really is wise in His choices for us, even if the proposal came next to the dumpster…