Apt Slips

Like many her age, my 3 year old doesn’t pronounce all her words correctly, but her slips often end up being oddly sensible.

She brushes her teeth with ‘tooth-taste’. Her favorite is vanilla. Yum.

She loves visiting ‘Lick-Donalds’ where one of her favorite activities involves dipping a french fry in ketchup, licking, and repeating, til the fry refuses to act as a utensil any longer and simply falls apart.

And she, like her big brothers, loves ‘tainting’ anything she can get her ‘taintbrush’ on. Thankfully we have managed to keep the house-taint away from her so far.


  1. how cute! my 2 oldest had trouble with some letters for awhile also – something I found far more endearing than troubling. My daughter called eyebrows "EyebrowNs" – which was appropriate for her. And she also called me "George" for awhile since she often heard my husband refer to me simply as "Gorgeous" and she couldn't say that. (Which was just as weird as being called George, and I am so glad he doesn't do that anymore! But, he better think it at least!)

  2. Too cute 🙂

  3. I totally can't wait for Baby A to talk.

  4. Ah yes, paint.

    At my Chinese daughter's preschool, they give her a treat if she does NOT get paint all over her during activity time.

    One day they called her a 'smurf' because she was blue from head to toe. Good thing the stuff is washable! 🙂

  5. My young French friend, when learning English, called bunk-beds "bunch-beds." Perfectly fitting!

  6. My 5 year old used to call a nightgown a nightDOWN.
    I thought that was also very appropriate.

    She is growing so fast which means that her little sister is too.
    It almost brings me to tears when I see them leaving the baby stages.