Vaccines and Autism

This morning I read the post from The tales of Mama D where she shared her concerns over vaccinating her child. For the record, my kids are fully vaccinated, but not without a fair amount of concern, and on a much later schedule than the doc recommended. I just didn’t feel peaceful about giving huge numbers of shots to my babies when they were very young.

Anyway, later today I read an anguished post from a friend of mine whose daughter mistakenly got an adult flu shot instead of a child-size dose– and soon after presented with autism. Scary, sad stuff. The theory is that the problem ingredient in the immunizations is mercury or thimerosol, which is a poison. And yet it used as a perservative in immunizations.

It IS being phased out of shots in the US– it is not in nearly as many shots NOW as it was in the early 90’s. But according to my reading today, it is CURRENTLY still present in two shots: the flu shot and the tetanus booster.

If you are interested in reading more about this provocative debate, check out Rolling Stone : Deadly Immunity


  1. I just read that article you linked to; very interesting (and disturbing!) We got our 23 month old all of her shots on the normal schedule, though now after reading this I am definitely going to ask the doc about spreading them out, with future children. I do think I heard that in California (where we live) they are not using that preservative anymore, thankfully.

  2. Thanks for the link to that article. Wow. I am so back and forth on this. LynAnne commented on my blog and had a lot of convincing arguements for vaccinating. Then I read this article. I am still happy with my decision but I will keep investigating!

    Thanks again!