Followup on TT

So writing my Thursday Thirteen yesterday left me really evaluating the quality of my day yesterday. It was homeschool rollerskating day (once a month in our neighborhood) We were gone all morning, so forget scrapbooking. But I did accomplish of few things on my list. My bathroom is sparkling–a nice feeling. I did play with the baby.

I cooked a dinner that my family gobbled and complimented. It was Ethiopian Injera a flat bread along with Doro Wat and shiro wat, which are two types of stews. (no I didn’t use as much butter as the linked recipe calls for and no i don’t cook it outside over a fire, but that gives you an idea of what I made.) Not a new meal at my house, but I am counting it anyway.

I chatted in a meaningful way with my kids, laughed with my hubby.

And yes, I did talk to several people about Ethiopian Adoption. One woman was drawn initially to ask about adoption after admiring my adorable daughters, but retreated rapidly with a scared look in her eyes when I droned on and on about life expectancy and annual income in Ethiopia though (42 yrs and $110 a year if you are interested)– so maybe I won’t count her. But I did also field a few emails from people with questions.

So– I’m giving myself a 7 out of 13. Not too bad.

Today maybe I’ll try to do a thing or two I didn’t do yesterday. If I can fit it in while homeschooling this morning, I’m going to try to do a 2 page spread on Christmas for my 3 year old’s album– or at least sort the pictures for it. I am much more behind than that, but I’ve found when I’m behind it is best to scrapbook the most recent event, which makes me feel much more on top of my game. Then I just gradually fill in gaps before that. Motivates me anyway– not as scary as thinking ‘I haven’t scrapbooked a thing in a year– how will I ever catch up?’

Maybe I’ll also try to write someone a letter…or maybe I’m dreamin’.

We’ll see how the day goes….


  1. Ok. You're one busy momma! LOL!

  2. Your bathroom is sparkling? A++, I say!

  3. Sounds like a hugely productive day to me! 🙂