Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Things about Mary

Thirteen Things I Feel Great About Doing
1. Getting a few pages done in one of my children’s scrapbooks
2. Lying on the floor and playing with my baby
3. Playing a game with my kids (depending on the games, this one sometimes feels good only after completion!)
4. Cleaning my bathroom (this one definitely only feels good after completion!)
5. Writing someone a letter.
6. Going for a walk with my teenaged daughters.
7. Cooking something new — and having everyone like it!
8. Getting out of the grocery store for less than $100
9. Talking to someone about the joys of adoption.
10. Hearing that someone I know has decided to adopt.
11. Telling people about my great adoption agency AAI
12. Listening to one of my kids who wants to chat with me about something important to them
13. Sharing a laugh with my awesome hubby, who though he happened to end up last on this list is NOT last in my heart!
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  1. You can leave the grocery store with less than $100 in stuff?
    Wow I thought there was a minimum of like 150 or something.


    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I want to read through yours.

    How amazing that you have adopted children.
    It must take a lot of faith to deal with all the obstacles.
    I'm sure you have to deal with people and their stupid remarks too.
    I get dumb ones all the time because we have 6 kids.

  2. I'm a scrapbooker too!
    My 13 are up

  3. I lvoe your list, and I'm hooked on your blog. My hubby was adopted and he has basically adopted my first son. We are about to have our own but want to adopt about two kids LOLOL.. that was a whole ot of info but your site inspired me to share. Blessings to you!

    Happy TT!

  4. Fun idea! I put up my 13. (and I am still going to email you to get your sister's info, about the cloth diapers!)

  5. Wow! Your list is wonderful! I can't believe you have kids with such wide age ranges. How do you keep up with it all?
    I love your blog and will keep visiting.
    God bless you.
    Thanks for visiting!

  6. I collect scrapbook materials and never seem to actually DO it !


  7. What is it with the grocery bill? Some weeks it's $150, some a lot less, some a lot more. Grr…it's not like we buy different stuff every week!

    Loved #13, very sweet!

    My 13 are up.

  8. Loved reading your list, and now you'll be a favorite. We are going to be starting adoption papers this summer we think. We need to research first!