Heard From The Three Year Old

The three year old, in her best tattling voice, “Mo-om, he called me a skillet!” (teenager in the background, defending the 7 year old, “No, he didn’t! He called the skillet a skillet!”)


While setting the table, “Mommy, is the table a boy or a girl?” She wasn’t too satisfied with my answer that it was neither, because it wasn’t alive. She also asked me recently if God was a boy and expressed disappointment with my answer. She really wanted God to be a girl!


  1. ooooh, I bet she'll grow out of that though. (unlike a lot of women!) And about the skillet? Wow. That's a word none of my kids know yet!

  2. Yeah, the pronoun issue regarding God is…weird. I would've felt differently about God if the feminine pronoun (or something gender-neutral) had been used when I was growing up. Maybe your child is onto something.

  3. But God's not a boy…. or a girl, right?