Turkey Cornbread Sandwiches

I like to buy turkeys when they are on good sales around the holidays. Then once a month or so during the winter, we have a nice turkey dinner for no reason at all. We did a turkey this weekend– a 25 lb beast that gave me lots of leftovers. So today I was on the ‘bakingsheet’ blog, found Turkey Cornbread Sandwiches and decided to make this recipe for dinner tonight. For my big crew, I quadrupled the recipe. And we were short on cranberries so I opened a jar of jam instead. It was a big hit! I still have lots of turkey left, though. Any other turkey ideas?


  1. That sounds so good! Now are you going to make turkey a la king? That seems to be the route our leftover turkey always goes. I've liked it on toast ever since I was a kid — maybe your young'uns will like it…?

  2. Leftover turkey becomes turkey tacos at our house.
    I mix the meat with taco seasoning powder and lotsa peppers and onions, then stuff the tortilla shells with all the trimmings.