Morning At My House

I saw on the news last night that many people’s mental impairment upon awakening in the morning is as serious as that of someone who’s been awake 24 hours straight.
Now why is that news?? I can’t be the only person in the world who requires a half hour and a cup of coffee before being able to produce a coherent sentence.
I have to start out slow. Dim lights, hot coffee, quiet voices, a warm fire, a sleep-drowsed baby to cuddle, PBS for the early rising kids, and email for me. Ah, bliss.
It gives me ALMOST enough energy to cope with what follows:
–Bathing with both little girls. I always bring the baby in with me for bonding time. And the three year old has a sixth sense about when I am on my way into the shower and always follows, begging. I’m such a softy I always cave in and let her in with me. A chance to splash is too much fun to pass up, even if it does mean mopping the bathroom floor afterward and then simultaneously dressing two shivering little ones while freezing and wet myself.

— Dodging breakfast food flung by a disdainful one year old. She’s tricky. First she misleads me into believing she’s actually hungry by saying “Mmmmmm” ever-so-excitedly when the food shows up. When I’ve optimistically filled her little bowl with the choicest morsels, she laughs and hucks it all back in my lap. Gets me every time.

–Explaining to the three year old why it is NOT OK to lick each piece of silverware as she puts it into the drawer from the dishwasher. Honestly, if we thought licking the silverware was sufficient for cleanliness, we’d just hand the dirty stuff straight to her and save on hot water and soap.
— Noticing one of the seven year olds wandering around disconsolate, and discovering he’s lost his math book. Again.
— Catching the guilty look and the lynx-like slink-away move from the

other 7 year old which confirms my suspicion that he had hidden his brother’s book. Again.

This morning I was feeling totally impatient with that type of tomfoolery and sternly told the guilty party that he would do his brothers jobs for a WEEK if his brother’s math book got mysteriously ’lost’ again. That should fix’em. The only thing worse to a kid than having to do work is having to do your brother’s work.
Ah, morning….I hope there’s still coffee in the pot. I need some more. How about you?


  1. yes, i AM happy that you discovered me, because i, in turn, got to discover YOU! beautiful family, and from reading the entry about mornings at your house, i know that your blog will become one of my daily reads.

    thank you for your support in regards to the pediatrician issue (gah!)… insanity! but thankfully, she will have a new one soon.

    "talk" to you later… (and also, i have one of those little comment alert things, so i always get to see new commenters regarldess of the post. i love it! keep em coming!)

  2. Just found your site Mary and it really amuzed me. I am going to keep reading. I am 24 but look forward to adopting children in the next ten years (when I'm ready) 🙂 It's amazing how fast a family can grow, eh?

  3. Sounds like a typical day in my house too, but with less kids.
    Very cute stories! I'm a sucker for the shared shower too.